We’ve worked on Dragonhold for the last 5 years, and it represents something extremely personal to us.  Back in 2013 I, Peter Kojesta, busted my spine pretty badly, and was bedridden, unable to walk. Laying there was horrid, and soon I started to dream about what it would feel like to be able to walk again, how it would feel to dance, and eventually fantasized about flying. Frankly, when you’re stuck staring at the ceiling, flying is the most freedom you can imagine. And what was the most powerful thing in the air? A dragon of course.

I eventually healed up, but that longing for cool forms of movement never went away. I wanted to make my dream of flight come true, and share it with others; so i got to work on Dragonhold.

Game World: Aval

I wanted to really put it all out there with this project. I’ve lived with these characters since I was just a kid scribbling in my notebook. So, now, being able to turn them over to you folks to play with is a pretty exciting prospect. Arahman the sun god, the Boundless Riders of Dragonhold, the Echo of Avrwan the Sullen Pheonix, and Unim the demon-lord who is imprisoned in the Songspire for millennia, just to name a few.  This is just the start, and I hope you’ll give us the opportunity to show you the world of Aval.


Dragonhold is about dragon riding, melee combat, boss fights, exploration, and loot.The dragon-riders of Aval, known as the boundless, carry their dragons around in their amulets, and you can draw them out at a moments notice. Functionally, this has you transforming back and forth between human and Dragon, which gives you the ability to do some pretty gnarly aerial acrobatics .

Drop into the Azarkeen region of Aval, and help push back the New Dawn. It’s a living world full of creatures, enemies, treasure, and secrets. Watch yourself, and protect your friends , because Azarkeen has become impossibly dangerous!

See you in the skies, Boundless!